“Mosaics too are made of broken pieces but they are still works of art and so are you.” -Jasmine


Opinion: Mighty No. 9 Call Design Poll

A letter to 8-4, Ben Judd, and above all Inafune-san, as leaders and professionals,



maid lowse cheerleader

I am so, so disappointed with Comcept, Inafune-san, 8-4, Ben Judd, and the artists for these new designs.

A maid(left)? An accountant(left and far right)? 2 sexy lolitas, demure or energetic? A background cheerleader(far right)? A nerdy type with visibly low self-esteem(upper-right, mid-right)? And finally, a Unicorn(which is kind of cool, but still stereotypical). 7/10 of these are incredibly sexist, terrible role models, and NOT INTERESTING designs! What girl OR guy wants to play as a shy lolita or a maid whose identity is entirely to serve the male character, the only one with actual significance to the plot? If these designs most suited Call’s role, WHY WAS IT DECIDED SHE SHOULD HAVE THAT ROLE? Ben, your counsel initiated the entire Kickstarter. Why did you not pay attention, and speak up? Did you see nothing out of place?

And only ONE of the original designs?

My favorite pink call design, and the green call loved by many young, female fan artists- never even had a chance. Their color was irrelevant. It was their excellent design and captivating personalities that inspired us. If F won against Pink and Green and Purple Call, as determined by the fans, then that would be just. But for them to be completely removed from the race, and for sexist fantasies to stand in their place? This is a horrible reversal of fortunes, and change of character for your team from thoughtfulness to inattentiveness.

I have so lovingly backed, read all the updates, watched every video, commented, shared, and listened to every podcast. Following your success made me happy. I really admired all your choices, and looked up to this as a historic moment, culminating in ACTUAL AGENCY being given to the players- but instead, we’re only being given STRAW choices, and have been denied the chance to choose from most of the designs that we really want to choose from. It’s clear from the other comments that so many feel F is the only real choice available, and that their hands have been tied.

Ben, Mark, I hope you hear me and understand how I feel as someone who cared about the characters you showed me at launch, and as a graphic novel writer who aspires to write women that young boys and girls can look up to. That we and our female friends can identify with. I was asked to contribute to a HEROINE. A girl who can inspire us. Where is she?

If Megaman were a maid, would he have inspired you as a child? Would you have grown up to want to be strong, to be a hero? Ask yourself why you would make the choices you did about Call’s design. Ask yourself if maids and shy, sex object lolis and nerds who aren’t confident about their awesomeness are the way you want your young players to think about women– about themselves — what they want to become. Is this right to them? Is this fair to the backers who have to choose?

These designs? These choices? They were a BAD CALL.


Rejecting my own humanity has limited my capacity for compassion.

In an awareness exercise, I gave up on thought and sensed the sensation of my body, from skin on the top of my skull on down. At the end, I used all of my mental power to hold all of those sensations in my awareness at once. I had a complete model of my body in my mind. I felt compassion for myself as my human body with it totally held. I felt a great attunement with it- I knew I could be more flexible, more in control, with quicker reaction times. As if in this state, I would dance, fight, do martial arts, or gymnastics with greater skill and acuity than before. I felt confidence in knowing what was happening in every region of it. As soon as I lost my grip on the total mental model, the compassion and assuredness evaporated. Being able to tell the difference between the two states, I was aware of a sense that I could do more for others in that state of compassion with my own body- if I had to fight to protect, move something heavy, or dance, I would serve someone better while feeling compassion for myself as a human body.

Even while typing that sentence, I tried to delete the ‘myself’ part and rewrite it several times because I felt selfish. That criticism of selfishness is creating the conditions in which compassion and giving for others do not naturally arise from within myself. My awareness that creates possibilities out of the things I become aware of creates possibilities for how they could be useful to me- other people, things I find. Even if I find something useful to another person, that possibility is created because if I gave it to them, that person would be more useful to me. When I notice this, I experience less compassion for myself, and discredit myself more. I do a poorer job of taking care of myself, out of a state of little self-compassion.

Awareness brings compassion for my self. A my self who is felt compassion for is smiling, assured, and naturally ready to help others with no reservations. That is the me at the core- a body and mind that is already powerfully mobilized to help others.

I am a hero.

My First Original Program

I’m doing something called the Landmark Forum, which is like a group event that helps you gain the possibility to have anything you truly want.

During the forum, we chose problems worthy of our lives.

I turned to my friend Amanda, and in that instant decided I didn’t want to tell her a small, reasonable problem. Her gaze challenged me- it made me want to be great.

I confided in Amanda that I want to create the possibility in the minds of Humankind that Humankind becomes relevant on the universal level.

I thought, while this problem is real to me, it’s ridiculous and I’m embarrassed to say it.

She was totally into it.

I told her that a more short-term goal is to make radical life-extension a reality- like, to the tune of 1000 years.

Again, absolute approval, she thought it was awesome.

She accepted my absurd, illogical goals, and I felt like I was accepted with them.

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Why Indie Dev Club?

The wonder, passion, and anything-is-possible spirit of childhood.

The experience of being a kid, loving video games, and wanting to make them yourself.


Indie Dev Club is here to capture the spirit in that moment of aspiration and make the purest expression of self and empowerment a possibility.

The ability to make games is the power to create worlds, to gift joy to others, and to express your true self. Those three feelings form the experience of humanness.


True learning is social. You learn best from people who you like and respect, and who like and respect you.

True learning is in service of a goal. You learn best when you are invigorated by your dreams and the realization of your personal values. Learning to do a task becomes heroic when in service to a worthy goal.

True learning is fun. In games and in martial arts, training is more rewarding when you can look at your peer and you both know that you’re doing something really difficult so that you can better yourself and accomplish something really cool in the future. We acknowledge that making games is difficult, but doing something difficult with friends is fun.


Doing something difficult with friends is a quest. That’s why Indie Dev Club is here, to bring us together on a quest for humanness!




Kids aren’t defined to their age. I’m 23, and I am still opening my heart to this experience.


I think the power to create, gift others with joy, and express yourself is the true form of humanness that few adults reach- many are swept off the side of the road into the ditch of meaningless employment- where they do not get to use their power to create, improve the lives of others, or express themselves, but money does come out the other side of the process. This is a subversion of humanity, of society, and finally of economy.

User Testing with CodeAcademy

In the exercise “A Box Office Hash”, CodeAcademy had me write a hash database that holds movie titles and their respective ratings. It can Add a new movie with rating, Update to change a movie’s rating, Display to list all the movies and their ratings, or Delete to remove a movie from the hash.

As I finished it, my aunt asked what I was working on. Since this was the first remotely functional program I’d built for CodeAcademy, I asked her to give it a whirl.

She had absolutely no idea what to do.

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My Productivity Habits

I’ve gotten in the habit of writing a “Morning To-Do List” for my future self when he wakes up the next morning, the first item of which is “Wake Up”.  So I immediately turn over and check that off- then I feel compelled to do the next item, so I can check that off too. I got this idea from my friend Yohei, at

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