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My First Original Program

I’m doing something called the Landmark Forum, which is like a group event that helps you gain the possibility to have anything you truly want.

During the forum, we chose problems worthy of our lives.

I turned to my friend Amanda, and in that instant decided I didn’t want to tell her a small, reasonable problem.┬áHer gaze challenged me- it made me want to be great.

I confided in Amanda that I want to create the possibility in the minds of Humankind that Humankind becomes relevant on the universal level.

I thought, while this problem is real to me, it’s ridiculous and I’m embarrassed to say it.

She was totally into it.

I told her that a more short-term goal is to make radical life-extension a reality- like, to the tune of 1000 years.

Again, absolute approval, she thought it was awesome.

She accepted my absurd, illogical goals, and I felt like I was accepted with them.

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User Testing with CodeAcademy

In the exercise “A Box Office Hash”, CodeAcademy had me write a hash database that holds movie titles and their respective ratings. It can Add a new movie with rating, Update to change a movie’s rating, Display to list all the movies and their ratings, or Delete to remove a movie from the hash.

As I finished it, my aunt asked what I was working on. Since this was the first remotely functional program I’d built for CodeAcademy, I asked her to give it a whirl.

She had absolutely no idea what to do.

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