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User Testing with CodeAcademy

In the exercise “A Box Office Hash”, CodeAcademy had me write a hash database that holds movie titles and their respective ratings. It can Add a new movie with rating, Update to change a movie’s rating, Display to list all the movies and their ratings, or Delete to remove a movie from the hash.

As I finished it, my aunt asked what I was working on. Since this was the first remotely functional program I’d built for CodeAcademy, I asked her to give it a whirl.

She had absolutely no idea what to do.

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My Productivity Habits

I’ve gotten in the habit of writing a “Morning To-Do List” for my future self when he wakes up the next morning, the first item of which is “Wake Up”. ┬áSo I immediately turn over and check that off- then I feel compelled to do the next item, so I can check that off too. I got this idea from my friend Yohei, at

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Improving on a CodeAcademy exercise

In CodeAcademy’s “Data Structures, Meet Iteration” exercise, I was asked to create a Histogram program. It would take any input and then list the words from that input in order of how frequently they occurred.

I had some issues with this program, however.

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