Why Indie Dev Club?

The wonder, passion, and anything-is-possible spirit of childhood.

The experience of being a kid, loving video games, and wanting to make them yourself.


Indie Dev Club is here to capture the spirit in that moment of aspiration and make the purest expression of self and empowerment a possibility.

The ability to make games is the power to create worlds, to gift joy to others, and to express your true self. Those three feelings form the experience of humanness.


True learning is social. You learn best from people who you like and respect, and who like and respect you.

True learning is in service of a goal. You learn best when you are invigorated by your dreams and the realization of your personal values. Learning to do a task becomes heroic when in service to a worthy goal.

True learning is fun. In games and in martial arts, training is more rewarding when you can look at your peer and you both know that you’re doing something really difficult so that you can better yourself and accomplish something really cool in the future. We acknowledge that making games is difficult, but doing something difficult with friends is fun.


Doing something difficult with friends is a quest. That’s why Indie Dev Club is here, to bring us together on a quest for humanness!




Kids aren’t defined to their age. I’m 23, and I am still opening my heart to this experience.


I think the power to create, gift others with joy, and express yourself is the true form of humanness that few adults reach- many are swept off the side of the road into the ditch of meaningless employment- where they do not get to use their power to create, improve the lives of others, or express themselves, but money does come out the other side of the process. This is a subversion of humanity, of society, and finally of economy.


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